“Etude de sécurité des chantiers et des futures zones de chantier, en territoire italien et français“

Consultation – Section transfrontaliere de la partie commune franco-italienne de la liaison ferroviaire Lyon-Turin – TELT (Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin)SAS



KABALIST, Ka Band Live Sports Transmission

The project aims to provide reliable and efficient TV signals collection and distribution through High Throughput Satellite utilizing innovative techniques in a full IP architecture. The current application scenario is Italian Lega Pro football championship played in 60 sites distributed all over Italy while future application will include other sports, live events, etc.

Organized in collaboration with DBW, Univerity of Rome “TorVergata”- research unit Multimedia Satellite Telecommunications Group, sponsored by ESA (European Space Agency)



LORETTO TWIST LOng Range ElectromagneTic TransmissiOn using Twisted Waves In Satellite Telecommunications

Organized in collaboration with EUTELSAT, Univerity of Rome “TorVergata”- Electrical Engineering Dept.



Satellite assets SIMONA Integration for Maritime situatiON Awareness

To provide an information platform to complement and enhance existing Maritime situation awareness services operated by Italian Coast Guard and Navy to be used also by other stakeholders (Port Authorities, bathymetry mapping Authorities, Merchant ships, Insurance Companies).Integration of three Satellite services (Earth Observation , Satellite Communications, Satellite Navigation)

Organized in collaboration with la Techsema  Engineering, Next, Calearo and Univerity of Rome “TorVergata” – Satellite Telecommunications Unit.



CIA“Comprehension via Intelligent Awareness”

Cyber security solutions for applications in the field of critical infrastructures.

Organised in collaboration with RESI and Univerity “Campus Bio-Medico of Rome”

Funded by  “PMI Lazio – Bando FILAS”


Early Warning e Early Safety

Definition of a framework for the analysis of contaminants in water systems and their countermeasures

Organised in collaboration with ASTER and Univerity “Campus Bio-Medico of Rome”


Security Awareness

Study on security awareness within gas infrastructure companies and about strategies to improve it

To provide elements to support the design of an effective “security awareness” campaign in large organizations, reporting the most common methods adopted to increase and to measure the level of security awareness of employees and analysing them.

Organised in collaboration with GIE Gas Infrastructure Europe and Univerity “Campus Bio-Medico of Rome”



Development of gestural interfaces for applications in the biomedical and training fields.

Organised in collaboration with ProgeSoftware and Univerity “Campus Bio-Medico of Rome”

Funded by  “PMI Lazio – Bando FILAS”



Sviluppi Tecnologici

Study, design and validation of VoIP solutions via satellite.

Organized in collaboration with  ITALTEL and Univerity of Rome “TorVergata” – Satellite Telecommunications Unit.




Applicability to Satellite COmmunications of Twisted Beam

Organized in collaboration with  Oberon Telecom and Univerity of Rome “TorVergata”- Electrical Engineering Dept.

Sponsored by ESA (European Space Agency).


Lift Off

“Lift Off, Deep Packet Inspection solutions for Internet via Satellite”

The Lift Off projectimplemented a solution based on the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) of the IP traffic on the KA-SAT network, to enable a flat profile offering for applications such as Web browsing and email in a market context (Satellite Broadband) with guaranteed QoS.

Organized in collaboration with  OpenSky and Univerity of Rome “TorVergata”- Satellite Telecommunications Unit.

Sponsored by ESA (European Space Agency).



Allerta Spaziale per Infrastrutture Critiche

Analysis of the effects of a possible impact of meteorites, space debris and solar storms on space assets (artificial satellites and services derived from them) and of the consequent impact on land-based activities, particularly on transports, energy and telecommunications.

Organized in collaboration with  Telespazio, iTrust consulting, Univerity of Rome “TorVergata”-, IFAC, SpaceDyS, sponsored by Directorate-General Home Affairs – European Commission





Training for researchers to manage systems for  security over public transportation means utilizing satellite and terrestrial communication systems.

Organized in collaboration with  Interconsulting, NEXT, SI-IES, Univerity of Rome “LaSapienza”, CNR and Univerity of Rome “TorVergata”- Satellite Telecommunications Unit.



Development of an optimized logistic process for goods distribution and collection based on sensor networks and innovative software and communication platforms.

Organized in collaboration with  Telespazio , Vitrociset and Univerity of Rome “TorVergata”- Satellite Telecommunications Unit.



The primary objective of the InfraGuidER (Infrastructure Guidelines for Environmental Railway Performance) Coordinated Action is to define the guidelines for developing an effective European method and tools for the environmental impact evaluation of the railway infrastructure (existing and new). Read more »

Security in bound driven transport systems

Case study: High Speed System – Rome – Naples

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EURNEX European Realway Research Network of Excellence

Was created in January 2004 and aims to integrate a fragmented research landscape, promote the railways contribution to sustainable development and improve the competitiveness and economic stability of the European rail sector.

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Development of the electromechanical solutions for ship propulsion and control.

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Innovative Integrated Energy Efficiency Solutions for Railway Rolling Stock, Rail Infrastructure and Train Operation integrated approach

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