About us

NITEL Statute

NITEL – Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per i Trasporti e la Logistica is a no-profit educational association, founded in 2003 July, it is submitted to the supervision of ministry of University and Research. 18 Italian Universities belong to the Consortium, they work in transport and logistic field and in the similar fields such as: safety, security, telecommunication, electrothecnic, electronic, computer science, mechanic, environmental. The goal of NITEL is to give dignity to transport field in front of the public opinion encouraged the best practice, the research, the innovation; the transport field explores multi-referential sector that involves engineering, economy, medicine, environmental and communication. The Universities of the Consortium represent highly expert entities that take advantage of existing expertise and that encourage the research and the innovation. NITEL takes advantage of support of different Ministries and of major Italian industries in the own scientific committee, such as, for example, RFI, ANAS, Telespazio, to bring in the real word the results of the university research. The key factors are:

  • skilled and motivated academic team
  • cooperation with: experts from different technologies fields, research institutions (included other inter-university Consortia), experts and precises industries in innovation technologies

The principles guiding all activities at Nitel are:

  1. making available of own buildings and instruments by the Universities, the Institutions (EU, Government, Parliament, etc.), national and international associations and the enterprises
  2. organization of seminars and workshops and publication of books and articles with the aim of make know own scientific skills
  3. organization of high training school, skilled in transportation and logistic field, which is able to supply interdisciplinary support for the project, realization and manage of apparatuses, systems and services
  4. scientific researches in transportation and logistic field and in similar fields making available abilities and skills and developing new strategies and research methods