Funded by ESA in the frame of the IAP-5G for L’ART Demonstration Project

The project team is composed by:

  • NAIS (prime of the Consortium)
  • Coopculture Società Cooperativa (ITA)
  • ICR – Istituto Centrale per il Restauro (ITA)
  • CNR – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (ITA)
  • ESRI Italia SpA (ITA)

The Project will also rely on external services, most notably for the provision of 5G services during the pilot phase through the TIM group and Telecom Italia Sparkle (ITA).

The AMOR Project aims at developing commercial services that pursue the safeguard and the fruition of Cultural Heritage placed in rich and dense historical city centers affected by a significant anthropic pressure, especially represented by huge visitors’ flows.

The project will realize the requested services through:

  • Integration, via development of specific sw interfaces and adapters of:
    • Satellite Systems downstream services (both Earth Observation and Positioning);
    • Multi-spectral and radar sensing services via UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and GPT (Ground Penetrating Radar);
    • 5G communication services;
    • Mobile computing devices (such as smartphones and tablets, on Android and/or iOS Operating Systems);
  • Procurement of data sources from commercial providers of satellite images of the AoI (Area of Interest), from local acquisitions through GPR and UAV sensing missions, and from Institutional databases (e.g. from Sovrintendenza Capitolina and from CdR);
  • Provision of base information management services and of reports deriving from elaborations of data acquired.

Two services will be realised:

  1. Added value fruition and diffusion services:
  2. Safeguard services

NITEL is responsible to support specs definition and design validation of modules related to 5G.

Start on November 1st 2020

End October 31st 2022