Special Issue Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks (ISSN 2224-2708).

Deadline for manuscript submissions is 28 February 2020

This Special Issue focuses on original works, presented in the International Symposium on Advanced Electrical and Communication Technologies ISAECT2019 (www.isaect.org), on advanced technologies applied to smart cities, and current challenges and future opportunities in building smart networks and new wireless architectures in an efficient and sustainable way.

The goal is to provide a thorough overview of the main topics around smart systems and advanced technologies and their envisioned integration in smart cities.

The Special Issue seeks original contributions that addressthe following topics:

Smart systems, smart environments, and communication;

IoT networking and communication;

Space technologies;

Network infrastructure, applications, and services;

Architectures and protocols for smart cities;

Real-world deployments for IoT and smart systems;

Ad-hoc networking;

Interoperability issues on heterogeneous wireless communication;

ntegration and co-existence of wireless communication and network technologies for smart cities;

Prototypes and testbeds of wireless communications and networks for smart cities;

Energy efficiency of wireless protocols and algorithms for smart cities;

Sensing technologies and applications for smart cities;

New architectures for WSN;

Low-power wireless technologies;

Routing and data transfer;

Security and privacy for smart systems and Internet of things;

Power consumption optimization;

Platforms and developments tools for a smart environment;

Data gathering, processing, and communication;

Distributed systems and smart networks;

Wearable technologies, visual sensing technologies;

Intelligent transportation systems and smart mobility;

Territorial intelligence;

Design and optimization of wireless heterogeneous networks for smart cities;

Cognitive networks and IoT for smart cities;

Smart grid in wireless networks for smart cities;

VANET communications.