TELESPAZIO S.p.a. and NITEL – Consorzio Interuniversitario per i Trasporti e la Logistica signed framework agreement.
TELESPAZIO and the supervised/related enterprises work in space services, such as telecommunications, geo-information, satellite geo-localization services and management and supervision of satellite missions for more than 50 years.
Since its formation, NITEL is a Consortium devoted to the use of enabling technologies for research and development of new services in transportation, logistic, land, artwork and infrastructure management fields.
For this reason TELESPAZIO declares own interest to take advantage of NITEL Consortium since it represents the instrument more appropriate to integrate the own skills with available ones in the university systems or in collaborating partners ones.
The research activities between TELESPAZIO and NITEL regards the research and the development of systems, models and technologies in the space field with particular attention to applications on the transport and logistic fields.
It is important to highlight that the satellite employments has a full role at European policies for the environment and land, transports, logistic, energy, security, in high complementarity with management and monitoring procedures and processes.
From this perspective for the Country it is fundamental that the resources and the skills of the NITEL consortiated universities and of space enterprises, from which TELESPAZIO is the greatest Italian entity, to collaborate with the aim to expand the use of space technologies in transport and logistic fields continuously and oriented to improve the competitiveness of the developed solutions.
The planned activities by the agreement are based on the synergy among space technologies (remote sensing technologies from satellite, aerial, SAPR – UAV, integrated with systems of ground sensors), transport and logistics extended to infrastructures life cycle and management (in railway, road and shipbuilding) and the enabling technologies use which includes the ICT (telecommunication systems, satellite position systems integrated with ground systems). Moreover activities for simulation and support to the development of great scientific missions both space and ground are forecast.