Project S.U.D.

In the frame of the on going activities to restart the Termini Imerese plants, property of Blutec company (currently in extraordinary administration) Smart City Group consortium...

Collaboration agreement with the State Police

The State Police and the NITEL Consortium – Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per i Trasporti e la Logistica signed collaboration agreement. The goal of the agreement is to collaborate in order to identify innovative technologies solutions, realized by the use of electronic devices, in support of contrast of offence activities in automotive field.

VIBES – Implementation of Virtualised Network Functions (VNFs) for Broadband Satellite Networks

2017- The project is program financed ESA, the goal is to design, fulfil and assess VNF-PEP virtual network element which allows the management optimization in 5G.

SHINE – Security and content rights management in satellite assisted in network caching systems

2017- The project is program financed ESA, the goal is to design, fulfil and assess the working focused to respect security requirements in integrated satellite-terrestrial network for the multimedia contents caching in support to video streaming services at adaptive bit rate.

5G4Space (Spin-in of 3GPP terrestrial radio access technology for SatCom)

2018 – The project aims to identify scenarios and technology adaptations, implemented on Hardware and Software platforms, allowing for an inclusion of a Non-terrestrial network (NTN) component into the 5G ecosystem.


2020 - The activities of this project (funded by ESA) are contextualized in the adaptation of the technical outcomes of the standardization process in progress for 5G to allow...

Master in Homeland Security


Safety & Cybersecurity






Industrial Plants

Environment & Energy

Computer Science

Systems Engineering




Start time: November 1st , 2020        End time: October 31th, 2022 ANChOR (dAta-driven Network Controller and Orchestrator for Real-time network management)...

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ISNCC 2020

ISNCC 2020

The next edition of the ISNCC conference will be held in Montreal (Canada) from 20th tp 22nd of October 2020. The conference will be fully online.

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The next edition of the Symposium ISAECT will be held in Morocco (Kenitra) from 25th to 27th of November. It will be organised with mixed possibility to attend: in presence for whom will be able to...

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