VIBeS (Implementation of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) project is program financed ESA-ARTES Advanced Technology, in which NITEL Consortium – research unit “Tor Vergata” – is the prime contractor. The subcontractors are: the CINI Consortium (skilled in security and in virtualization techniques based on containers), the University of Padova (skilled in manage and orchestration platforms of elements of virtualized network) and Athonet (enterprice that developed 5G technologies). The main objective of the project is to design and develop PEP agents based on NFV architecture for the efficient integration of satellite component to 5G use-cases. The component NFV-PEP will be designed in order to be enabled and managed with a control plane and shared management of the network virtual components in compliance of slicing paradigm, own of 5G. The proposed Virtual functions (VNF) will aim to optimize the performances where the satellite connections are used as complementary or alternative to traditional terrestrial connections between 5G Core Network and the public networks.

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