Rome – Auditorium della Tecnica, 2004, November 18-19

Presentation of the meeting

The events on 11th September in U.S.A. and on 11th March in Spain have definitely changed the perception of “security”, making it an essential need for the quality of life: the field of transport is engaged to acknowledge these issues in order to assure the running of a basic sector in modern society.
The meeting stems from these assumptions for developing the themes of security and safety, the former meant as incidents caused by intentional offences and the latter as incidents induced by technical causes or human failures; in both cases they represent for all of us a guiding thread conveying in a single expectation: more safety and security.
The evolution of security in transport and how it is now perceived as an item of social alarm will be illustrated, whereas the theme of safety will be faced according to a general view, fitting it in a statistical incidence and splitted into the modal division of passengers and goods.
The figures related to the sector of transport are emblematic and point out the importance of the linked issues: in “Old Europe of 15 Members”, 10 millions persons are employed in this field, producing more than the 10 % of PIL, with a medial impact of about 12%.
Both themes will develop the peculiarities of all the aspects of railway, road, maritime, fly and intermodal transport, framed in each sectorial provisions and referred to their specific technological means of support through technical reports and round tables, the participants of which are main national and international personalities.